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issiQuality Service Standards

In the past Ingersoll Support Services was registered with FOCUS Accreditation for the purpose of becoming Accredited as an agency. FOCUS has a set of Standards of performance for Agencies in our sector.These Standards can be found here. We have summarized these Standards in a document that that phrases them as organizational values according to our 5 Statements of Vision. There is a copy of the full set of Domains and a copy for Teams.

The best way to become acquainted with the Standards is to read them and apply them. The easiest way to do this is to look at the summary in the formative ISSIspy July 2015 document on page 2. Then read the ISSI Summaries of the Domains. The Standards can be referred to for clarification and greater detail. For further interpretation there is an Evidence Guide that FOCUS has developed to give an indication of what kind of evidence they seek to accredit an agency. This evidence includes Documents (D), Interview (I), and Observation (O).

To this we have added quick animated video summaries to assist us in understanding the content of the Domains. These are a cut and paste animated reading to accompany the Summaries -- with annotations that hope to spell out the very basics of standards of quality.

The videos are all less than 2 minutes -- in some cases less than 1 minute. At this point they cover the Team Summaries only. Their style is debatable at best -- but is chosen for the ease of creation and access -- and their ability to provide and audio and visual summary..
Domain 1 Mack's Summary of Ethics and Rights
Domain 2 Planning by Dee Jay
Domain 3 Communication by Kaffy
Domain 4 Accessibility by Zindy
Domain 8 Learning by MC Jay Dee
Domain 9 HR by Kat
Domain 10 Community by your neighbour who seems angry until you get to know her
Domain 11 Health Safety and Wellness by a Frightened Boy
SPH by Jack the Emotional Guy
SOH by Mr. Roboto wsg MC Jay Dee

Please familiarize yourself with the Standards as they represent the values of the Agency. They provide us with goals for quality of service to which we can aspire.