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Our vision for Ingersoll Support Services is best expressed in 5 statements of intent:

That we be Person Centred in all of our work

That we are guided by Visionary Leadership

That we engage in Continuous Learning

That we have a Positive Design

That we are characterized by Responsive Services

Our visioning process includes producing annual strategic plan that is grounded in these vision statements and a framework for quality services which is internal and unique to the organization, is based on FOCUS Accreditation's standards (even though ISSI is not yet FOCUS accredited) and informed by the MCSS Quality Assurance Measures. The agency planning process is facilitated by the iQuality Team and its sub-groups. A record of their work can be found here and the Prologue to the 2015 Plan located here. Brief statements of the ISSI Annual Plans can be found at the links below:

ISSI Envision 2018 Annual Plan Brochure

ISSI Report of Services: 2016-2017

Envision 2017 Brochure

ISSI Envision 2017: A Report on the ISSI Annual Plan and Seasons

Vision 2017: A Draft Paper

Vision 2017 Video version

Vision 2016

Vision 2015 

For a more in-depth explanation see the Vision 2015: Detailed Strategic Plan 2015 and the AGM Report on Vision. A five minute video version of Vision 2015 can be found here.

Vision 2014

Vision 2013

Vision 2012

The ISSI Mission and Vision is assisted by the development of an ISSI Innovations Plan. Please see the document inNOVAtion Consortium. 

ISSI's Values are stated in terms of FOCUS Accreditations Standards of Quality -- resources of which can be found here.